Synergy Installation, Integration and Maintenance Guide

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Post-Installation Tasks

After installing a Synergy system there are a number of follow up tasks to carry out defined below.

Initial User

Upon installation, an administrator account will have been automatically created in Synergy.
Note: The Google Chrome browser has a limitation preventing access to any website via Windows Authentication from the local webserver. In this scenario, access to the Synergy site must be made from a separate PC or server.

IIS Website Configuration

There are a number of configuration changes you can make to IIS post Synergy installation. They are identified as being recommended or optional below.
Recommended: IIS Application Pool Recycling Time
It is best practice to recycle the Application Pool daily, and during installation Synergy automatically configures the Application Pool to recycle at 23:00 each night (local webserver time). If 23:00 is not a convenient time, it can be changed within IIS; see Microsoft Technet Application Pool Recycling Article.
When the Application Pool recycles, the Synergy Website will pause for a few seconds before automatically resuming operations.
Recommended: IIS Rapid Fail Protection
IIS has Rapid Fail Protection enabled on all websites by default, however it is recommended that this feature be disabled for the Synergy Website. This prevents the automatic halting of the Synergy Website should a number of errors occur within a short time frame, which can occur in rare error cases. The process to disable Rapid Fail Protection is covered in the following Microsoft article: Microsoft Docs - Failure Settings for an Application Pool
Optional: Configuring IIS Website for HTTPS (SSL) access
Details for configuring HTTPS (SSL) access can be found under the Security section.
Optional: Advanced Authentication Configuration
Authentication methods can be further configured, within the Authentication Scheme that was selected during installation. Step by step instructions are provided in the Advanced Authentication Configuration article.

Post-Installation Synergy Application Configuration

After the Synergy System has been deployed, you have the option to further configure your application, and enable various integrations and automated services.